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K-10 Tokyodo Karategi Uniform Size 1

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Size  100% cotton, heavy weight for Kata and training of Karate.Manufacturing in Japan

K-10 Tokyodo Karategi "Kata"

Made in Japan
Material:100% cotton
 canvas #10,Thick

Shrinkage rate: 3%

Maintenance: cold wash & 40 degree machine



Use: Kata & training


  • Very popular in Japan
  • Excellent value quality/price
  • Beautiful finish
  • End of jacket and reinforced trousers
  • Comfort and optimized resistance
  • Guaranteed longevity
  • Recommended for advanced level & Shihan

Size: 1

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Tokyodo, formerly Shureido is a Japanese manufacturer of martial arts specialized in the manufacture and international sale of equipment, obi, belt, dogi, kimono of quality, for the practice of karate and kobudo

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