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Mitsuboshi K-400 Karate uniform Size 4 "Made in Japan"

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100% cotton heavyweight, traditional cut for kata.Fabrication Japan

Karategi Mitsuboshi K-400 
Production in Japan 
Composition: 100% cotton bleached 
fabric canva # 10 
Cup : Traditional 
Weight : heavy 
use : kata  
upscale Japanese Karategi specially designed for karatekas high level, wishing a Japanese dogi karate "Made in japan "quality with a heavy weight and durable and above all for sale at an affordable price. 
No known in France, Mitsuboshi the name of its founder is a famous Japanese brand in Japan, specializing in the manufacture of Japanese martial arts equipment quality. 
Mitsuboshi is the official supplier of Japanese universities and top clubs for many years.

Size: 4 (160 ~ 170cm)

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Recently owned by the Tozando Group, Mitsuboshi, the famous three-star brand is a company specialized in the manufacture and sale of high-end Japanese martial arts equipment. Japan Mitsuboshi is the official supplier of the largest club and universities of Judo and Kendo.

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