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TSA "Yakudo" Tokaido karate Gi Size 5 (170cm)

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100% cotton,heavy weight for Kata Size 5 (170cm) Made in Japan

TSA "Yakudo" Tokaido karate Gi

Made in japan

Material: 100% cotton (10,12oz)

It will shrink by 2% overall.

This highest grade of cotton canvas provides twice the tensile strength and 20% more friction resistance for strong durability.Great snap effect when doing techniques

Weight: heavy

Cut: shorter sleeves and pants

Using: for Kata (great snap effect)


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Fifty-one years ago, the founder of Tokaido, Mr. Shizuo Sugiura, started making dogis for his friends who practiced karate. Until then the karateka practiced with all kinds of clothes because he There was no official dogi yet.
Tokaido is therefore a pioneer in the manufacture of karategi in its current form.

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