Our enterprise


3 Ikeno Uchi Chyo

Kamitakano Sakyo-Ku

Kyoto, Japan

Our team

Franco / Japanese is made up of martial arts practitioners with over 20 years of Budo practice and experience selling Karate equipment.


The best quality "made in Japan" for Karate or nothing!

For more than 10 years we are located in the city of kyoto, ancient capital of Japan and cradle of traditional arts.

In collaboration with all the Japanese manufacturers and suppliers of Karate such as Tokaido, Tokyodo, Hirota, Misuboshi .., our mission is to offer you the best equipment "Made in Japan" for your practice and progression of Karate.

At a reasonable price we offer you their Karategi catalogs (karate uniform), belts, protections and accessories and more.

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